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100 years Schomerus

Hamburger Treuhand Gesellschaft SCHOMERUS & Partner

The SCHOMERUS companies emerged from various companies whose roots in Hamburg go back to 1924 with the founding of the "Hamburger Treuhand Gesellschaft". In the course of time, several individual practices and companies of professionals were integrated and incorporated into this company. In 2003, in the course of the retirement of Mr. Udo Schomerus as a partner, the then main company was renamed "Hamburger Treuhand Gesellschaft Schomerus & Partner". Interestingly, the family name of our name giver Udo Schomerus goes back to the Hebrew term of "schomer", which at its time held the function of the overseer/guardian over the ritual production of food. Thus, there is an inner connection, certainly quite unplanned at that time, between the original meaning of the word "schomer" as a guardian and our current activities in the areas of auditing, tax consulting and legal advice, in which we also assume to a large extent the function of a guardian over compliance with laws and standards.

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Tax consulting and legal advice
Schomerus & Partner mbB
Steuerberater Rechtsanwälte
Hamburger Treuhand Gesellschaft
Schomerus & Partner mbB
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