Our values and selfconception

100 years Schomerus

Things that are important to us.

Like any company, we operate in the area of conflict between ethics and economics. Even though our goal is to do business successfully, these two aspects cannot be separated for us.

For us, value-oriented corporate management in the sense of the "honorable businessman" means not only pursuing our economic goals. Rather, we base our management style and all our actions, both internally and externally, on the fundamental values of the concept of humanity and christianity.

By practicing virtues such as honesty, respect for human dignity, justice, diligence and humility, we create a climate of trust. We build good, respectful and sustainable business relationships with our clients and always work to maintain and continue them in the long term. We also want to be fair competitors to our competitors.

One of the most important prerequisites for the success of SCHOMERUS is the satisfaction of our employees. They must be treated humanely and fairly at all times. Fair compensation for their services and modern working conditions are a matter of course for us. Our interest in charitable and voluntary work also does not end at our own door. With our diverse personal commitments, we want to set an example for a society that is both aware and responsible.

How we work.

In-depth expertise and experience help us to weigh up opportunities and risks and to critically examine the solutions we find. We keep our expertise up to date through training and continuing education, and numerous publications, seminars, lectures and recognized expert commentaries by our partners complement and expand our range of services. Consulting that wants to create added value should also supplement knowledge with inspiration from outside. That is why we support voluntary activities of our employees and partners outside their actual professional field.

Knowledge is the basis of our work. Thinking is our claim. For us, "thinking" means, on the one hand, "thinking along" with the motives and ideas that move our clients. In short: taking into account all aspects that are important for the decision-making process of entrepreneurs and managers. On the other hand: " thinking ahead ", which effects arise for the future. In short: Critically questioning facts in the search for solutions, recognizing and taking into account interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary effects.

Together we explore complex topics, together we develop our proposals, together we discuss improvements in order to find the best solution for our clients. You will be personally supported by partners who are directly responsible for you and who control the internal processes in a targeted and efficient manner. These partners are usually intimate industry experts and are available with their know-how for all upcoming questions. For special tasks, we put together professional interdisciplinary teams, in which we integrate external specialists if necessary.

The goal of our consulting is to support our clients with short-, medium- and long-term solutions. This sometimes means that we have to part with solutions that may be good, but are not good enough.

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