IT auditing and IT revision

As a company, you have to ensure comprehensive protection of customer data. Failure to comply with the EU GDPR, for example, could result in severe penalties that could jeopardize the continued existence of your company. In addition, the number of cyber attacks is increasing. Without appropriate security measures, such attacks can threaten your existence.

How we help you

Our experts support you with both legal advice and the design of internal processes to protect your data. We examine your IT systems and present you with measures to improve security. Recognized certificates also provide you with valid confirmation of the quality of the IT processes you use.

Our special range of topics:

  • Quick-Check "Data Privacy and IT Security

  • Quick-Check "GoBD

  • Risk analyses for information security (BSI basic protection, ISO 27001)

  • Auditing of IT procedures (IDW PS 860)

  • Software certifications (IDW PS 880)

  • Auditing of internal control systems (IDW PS 951, ISAE 3402)

  • Project-accompanying auditing (IDW PS 850)

  • Assumption of IT auditing

  • Awareness training of employees

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