Preparation of redevelopment concepts

Restructuring concepts are drawn up when companies are in crisis. This involves, for example

  • financing decisions

  • the relief of creditors who agree to an installment agreement in the knowledge of an (impending) insolvency of the debtor

  • the relief of management in connection with criminal or civil liability risks

  • the safeguarding of the reorganization privilege under section 39 (4) of the German Insolvency Code (InsO)

  • a basis for negotiations with stakeholders

The reorganization of a company can take place not only out of court, but also within the framework of insolvency proceedings.

This is how we help you

We support you in all these issues by working with you to develop a reorganization concept. In doing so, we take into account the requirements described in the IDW standard (IDW S 6).

We ensure that the reorganization concept is practically feasible with regard to the planned reorganization contributions of all parties involved as well as with regard to the required operative and strategic restructuring measures.

Core components of the restructuring concept are:

  • Basic information on the economic and legal starting position of the company in its environment, including the net assets, financial position and results of operations

  • Analysis of the crisis stage and causes, and analysis of whether there is a risk of insolvency

  • Presentation of the mission statement with the business model of the restructured company

  • Presentation of the measures to avert the risk of insolvency and to overcome the corporate crisis as well as to establish the mission statement of the restructured company

  • Integrated business plan

  • Summary assessment of the ability to restructure

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