Construction and property development law

Construction projects are prone to conflict due to the large number of parties involved in the construction process and a wide range of risks.

How we help you

We provide you with legally sound advice and representation in every phase of your construction project. Due to many years of experience, we not only have expertise in construction and architectural law, but also technical understanding as well as the ability to cooperate in an interdisciplinary manner with architects, engineers, contractors, craftsmen and authorities, which is indispensable in construction and architectural law in order to successfully assert your interests.

We try to avoid time-consuming and costly litigation. If an amicable solution is not possible or desired, we pay special attention to the efficient enforcement of our clients' claims in court.

Our consulting activities include in particular:

  • Examination, drafting and negotiation of construction contracts according to German Civil Code and German Construction Contract Procedures (general contractor agreements, subcontractor agreements, etc.)

  • Examination, drafting and negotiation of property development contracts

  • Sales contract law

  • Advice in acceptance or defect disputes/warranty law

  • Advice and representation in building permit proceedings

  • Legal project support for private, commercial and public building owners (e.g. in the event of disruptions to the construction process, supplements, representation vis-à-vis authorities)

  • Enforcement of claims in and out of court as well as defense against claims (e.g., compensation for work from partial or final invoices, supplements, claims due to construction delays, construction workman's compensation, defect rights and liability)

  • Representation and support in the preservation of evidence

  • Advice on the handling of construction projects in insolvency proceedings

  • Representation in court proceedings or other forms of dispute resolution

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