Transaction Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions

Selling or Purchasing a Business

You want to purchase or sell a business? With our advice you will achieve a perfect result.

How we help you as a buyer

You need comprehensive information about the target company. To this end, due diligence is usually carried out on tax, legal and business aspects. Then the structuring of the transaction as an asset deal or share deal is relevant. And the existing corporate structures on your side have to be considered in order to integrate the target company in a tax-optimal way.

What happens if the expectations are not met? A properly drafted share purchase agreement can protect you here.

This is how we help you as a seller

You need to know the overall tax situation precisely in order to take the right steps. Otherwise, there may be significant tax implications.

The sales price needs to be well negotiated - in this respect there are also flexible options such as a so-called earn-out clause, which takes into account the future development of the company. The taxation of the sale price depends on whether the sale is structured as an asset deal or a share deal.

A properly drafted share purchase agreement ultimately protects you from imponderables.

Our consulting services

  • Assessment of the overall situation

  • Structuring of the transaction

  • Drafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements and letters of intent

  • due diligence

  • Support during contract negotiations

  • Drafting of the share purchase agreement

  • Tax support after the purchase/sale

  • Advice on disputes arising after the acquisition (post-merger disputes)

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