Inheritance tax and gift tax planning

If you have larger private and/or company assets, inheritance tax or gift tax will be due when your assets are transferred to your successors. The tax burden can be very high and reduces the assets of your successors. In addition, there may be considerable liquidity problems if the tax payments cannot be made from liquid assets, for example, because real estate or companies are involved. This makes it all the more important to make provisions in good time.

We help you like this

We help you to keep the burden of inheritance tax, gift tax and other taxes as low as possible. To do this, we first examine your asset and income situation together with you and evaluate your assets according to tax guidelines. Based on this, we calculate the probable inheritance tax and give you practical advice on how to minimize it. Of course, we also keep an eye on any other tax implications, such as income tax and real estate transfer tax.

Possibilities of structuring are e.g.

  • early transfer of assets by taking advantage of personal tax allowances, e.g. for spouses and children

  • choosing the most tax-efficient marital status for married couples

  • tax-optimized structuring of your assets

  • timely measures in the business sector to ensure that business assets are exempt from inheritance tax

  • transfer of private or business assets under reservation of usufruct

Furthermore, we support you in the settlement of inheritances and gifts with the tax office. We check the notification and tax liability of an inheritance or gift for you, prepare the tax notifications and tax returns for you, evaluate the assets for tax purposes for you (tax property valuations, valuation of company shares, etc.), check possible tax exemptions and, of course, are happy to take over the correspondence with the tax office for you.

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