VAT consulting

Companies deal with VAT on a daily basis in their day-to-day business. VAT law has complex ramifications between VAT and input tax deduction. A very lively body of case law in Germany and - in the case of cross-border activities - at EU level must be taken into account.

In addition, extraordinary transactions such as corporate or real estate transactions present special challenges because they do not occur on a daily basis but involve large volumes.

This is how we help you

Sales tax is now being audited with increasing frequency. In order to prepare for this increased attention as well as in dealing with it, we are at your side. We make sure that you have everything under control and therefore a good feeling when it comes to sales tax.

Our services include

  • Company-specific sales tax workshops and training courses

  • Sales tax quick checks

  • Expert opinions on sales tax issues and facts

  • Completion and support of sales tax registrations and declarations in Germany and abroad, including input tax refund procedures (if necessary, with cooperation partners in the international HLB network)

  • Optimization of VAT-related, also cross-border service processes, e.g. chain transactions or e-commerce

  • Determination and optimization of the input tax rate in the case of partially tax-exempt service provision (real estate, holding company, tax group)

  • Support and representation during sales tax audits (special audits, inspections, external audits)

  • Professional support in matters of criminal tax law, if necessary in cooperation with criminal tax lawyers

  • Supervision of the interface between customs and sales tax, if necessary in cooperation with our customs law partners

  • Sales tax compliance by identifying sales tax risks and defining and introducing countermeasures

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